Meredith and Brady

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Our Story (Continued)

Our September 5, 2021 ceremony will be a renewal of marriage vows. We were married on our original wedding date of September 5, 2020 with only our immediate families present due to COVID-19.

We hope you are able to join us to celebrate our wedding the way we originally intended!!


Brady and Meredith met at the prestigious institute of learning known as Herndon High School. Although they had overlapping circles of friends, neither Meredith nor Brady took much notice of each other at the time (as they were too busy being studious, of course). Fast forward a handful of years, those overlapping friend groups eventually paid off as Meredith and Brady began spending more time together during their summers home from college. As their encounters became more frequent, Brady finally worked up the courage to ask out Meredith not long after they entered the adult world after graduating. Their bond grew stronger as they both flew the coop from their parents' homes and moved less than 1 mile apart from each other in the bustling metropolis of Arlington, Virginia.

Many botched home-cooked meals and seasons of Game of Thrones followed to fill the time in between various adventures together. They traveled near and far those years; from Smith Mountain Lake, VA to the island of Kauai, HI. Their shared itch to travel stirred something inside of them as they agreed to pick up and move across the country to the Wild West. Meredith departed first, choosing Santa Monica, CA as her new home and launched her "Move Out West!" campaign. This left Brady to many lonesome months scouring the internet for job opportunities in Southern California. The time and distance between the two, though challenging, only strengthened their bond and ultimately proved to be rewarding. Brady's tireless searching (and LinkedIn Premium membership) finally paid off, as he received a job offer and moved to Los Angeles at the end of 2017.

More adventures ensued as they journeyed across the globe to New Zealand (and occasionally Downtown LA). As they've settled into their new world they've found that life out West suits them (for now, as Meredith likes to say). Between adopting their dog/pig hybrid, Ripley, learning how to surf, and trying to visit as many National Parks as they can, Meredith and Brady have found that the most important adventure in their life is the one they spend together. Exactly two years from his first day at his new job in California, Brady popped the question.
Erin L. Wilson